Aladdin’s Mathemagical Flying Carpet is an edutainment game designed to teach basic addition and multiplication to children who relate more to Aladdin then to Alan Turing.

Not many people know that in the original One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, the genie forces Aladdin to answer a series of progressively more difficult algebraic equations before Matt Damon shows up and takes him to school then spends the rest of the evening in a dungeon making Aladdin eat apples.

Enigma is a puzzle-adventure consisting of mini-games each of which is represented to the player as a room that they must escape. Try to reach the end, and be aware that there might be a secret bonus room!
Warning: These are not your mother’s sliding block puzzles. Being a master of the golf tee peg puzzle at Cracker Barrel will not help you here. Prepare to taste the rainbow… of frustration!
This game requires a mouse with a scroll-wheel and is not currently playable on tablet/mobile devices.